I was inspired to write this post by the lovely family from the photo during Cairo Runners’ last run which took place in Dokki.
There I was “walking” seriously with my music on and suddenly I came upon a young couple who were joining the run with their newly born. The mother was carrying the baby on a baby carrier; one that you attach to your back and the father was jogging next to them and helping the mother with the baby every now and then. I saw that and thought to myself: that’s cute.  
Yes, that was cute. That was cute because I saw a man and a wife sharing the run together. Cute because not only were they sharing the run together but also they were sharing it with their newly born baby. And I instantly thought to myself that this is what marriage partnership should mean. It should mean doing things together as life partners. It should mean wanting to share the things one love with the other. It’s appreciating the time spent together doing things and exploring common interests; a time that I would like to call “quality time”.
People (especially in Egypt) usually think that marriage is the end of life as we know it. The end of doing the things we love because we now have a partner. But why don’t we think of it as the beginning of a new life. A new life with a partner where you get to do the things you both love but together instead of alone. Yes, marriage is a responsibility that requires hard work. And yes your time won’t completely be yours anymore. But if you really work on it you can find a way to enjoy your lives together and have your quality time. Be it by watching a movie, going out to dinner, traveling somewhere new, or even through a simple run. I believe that if this is what you both want then you won’t have a problem getting there. It just needs a little understanding and a good will to make it work.
But what about kids? Yeah, kids will eat up your time but you will love them for it. And why not engage them in such activities so that the quality time gets extended to the whole family instead of only the man and his wife. Imagine how that would make a change in their lives. How being involved in such activities can help build their character and mind. It’s a benefit for everybody I believe; the man, the wife, and definitely the kids.
I guess the key to such a healthy life-style is sharing; sharing your fears, doubts, interests, time, and most importantly sharing your life.
I really wish that we could change such a perspective about marriage and not think of it as an end but rather as a beginning. It won’t hurt to try and I believe the results will be satisfactory for all parties. 
Why don’t we give it a shot? We might end up being happy after all.
At the end, I would like to thank Ibrahim and Aya for the inspiration. You are such a lovely family, it was a pleasure meeting you on that run and I wish you all the best and happiness. Thank you 🙂

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