In The Memory of Heba El – Husseini

I’m still trying to catch my breath here and realize that you have left us to a better place.
And though you are not here with us anymore I’m so grateful that our paths intertwined. I’m grateful that I met you and had the chance to have you as a part of my life, a part that I will miss dearly. You brought light to my life, a light with a flare that will keep sparking my life forever and for that I can’t thank you enough.
Heba was the reason behind my smile and many others’. I wish I could live up to that, I wish I could live up to what she was and be the reason behind some person’s smile.
I learned from her how to be positive, how to look at the bright side of things believing that there is always a better ending which we fail to notice. I learned from her how to overlook the bad in people and not allow it to affect me in any way possible. She taught me not to regret a good deed that went unappreciated. I learned from her kind heart not to hold a grudge, to forgive and forget; to be good to everyone and to myself the most. And even that she is gone I’m still learning from her. And I believe the most important lesson of them all is to be passionate about what I love and simply go for it. So find out what you are passionate about and just go for it, go for it and never mind what people might say because they will talk anyway. So you better live your life for you and not for them.
I learned the hard way how life is too short to envy or to resent. It’s too short to live with anger or to postpone something that you want to say or do. You simply may not get a second chance and now might be your only chance. And here I’m; being sent another tough reminder about how tomorrow may not come and that today might be all what I have got. We keep on imagining that we might have all the time we want but no we don’t unfortunately! Time is a luxury that we can’t control. So act now because you may not have a “later”. Speak the words you have always wanted to speak. Do the things you have always wanted to do. Be there for the ones you love and show them that you care. Now is the time, now is the life. Not tomorrow, nor next week, nor later, it’s now. Live in the “now”, don’t regret the “former” so that you be happy in the “later”.
It breaks my heart how I can’t have more time with you now; how we didn’t get to travel together as much as we wanted; and how few photos I have for me and you together.
I’m glad we finally made it to Zooba at “Sohour” time this last Ramadan. I will miss joking with you about Ramadan’s zillion types of “Konafa” and getting confused by which ones to try worrying about the huge amount of calories we will gain.
You were such a great inspiration to me; a very good example on how one should live his/her life. I look up to you and hope that one day I can get to be half of the loving and caring pure soul that you were.
You will be profoundly missed my friend. This is not a farewell; it’s a good bye till we finally make it up for all the time lost in a better more beautiful place.
So, till then buddy.


Rest in peace.
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi 

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