I Miss …

I miss the old “me”; the “me” who was fit and used to exercise regularly.

I miss going hiking; sinking myself in the beauty of a mountain and the serenity at the top.

I miss a good live jazz concert.

I miss you my friend <3.

I miss the moment when I thought I knew it all.

I miss the time when I was sure about what I wanted in life.

I miss Sinai.

I miss the gatherings of old friends.

I miss laughing my heart out till my stomach hurts.

I miss the feeling a good book gives me when I’m not being able to put it down till I have read its very last word.

I miss that moment after I have read a good book; having it closed in my hands and going through all of its events in my head recalling how it felt then.

I miss breakfast at my favorite place.

I miss setting by the steps of Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence watching the sun as it sets over the city while listening to a street musician playing tunes that I love. 

I miss the “me” time that I used to treat myself with.

I miss planning for a new trip already.

I miss the days when life was simple, demands were not much, and people were truthful.

I miss the golden days of the Egypt I see in the pictures wishing I was able to witness such a time.

I miss preparing pizza with my friend’s mom at their kitchen.

I miss the excitement of being driven to the airport to catch a flight.

I miss the moment of arrival to my destination waiting for the adventure to begin.

I miss that fine day at the park on a beautiful autumn morning in Madrid back in 2011.

I miss the moment of disappointment which goes forgotten by a pleasing one.

I miss being in Granada for the first time and falling in love with the city.

I miss the mess caused by making zalabya with my Italian friends 😀 (You know who you are).

The list just goes on and on and on …

But why such moments are always remembered with a mixture of happy and sad feeling? Is it because we remember the good moment and how it made us feel back then but instantly realize that it’s laid in the past now so we end up getting that sad accompanying feeling! It’s weird how a single memory can bring us happiness and sadness simultaneously.

Memories come and go; they come to make you either happy or sad and go to make room for new ones. Such memories are better appreciated for what they make out of us for they are the reason behind what we are today (I believe).

We better be grateful and appreciative. Cherishing the good and learning from the bad and just smile when such moments are being remembered.


Note: There is no specific order for what I wrote. Coming first doesn’t mean I miss you the most. I just wrote about what I think I really miss at this very moment.






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