Music, Lyrics, and Life

Have you ever listened to a song and thought “oh my Gosh that describes me perfectly?” You are in that mood and all of a sudden a song starts playing and it simply gets through you and what you are feeling in that very minute as if it has been written specially about you. Well, it happens to me all the time!!

That moment when an unjust falls upon me I feel that my “heart is heavy does it show”. Or when almost everybody around me behaves strangely and I’m like “they are talking in a language I don’t speak and they are talking it to me “. A friendship goes south and I think “nothing is really making any sense at all let’s talk”. When people or close friends let me down I assume “maybe I’m just a ghost, what’s the point of feeling love for you when you don’t believe I’m here”. That moment when life gets tough and I become aware that “every time I try to walk through walls more walls appear”. And just then I remind myself that “life is a race and I’m gonna win, yes I’m gonna win. I choose to survive whatever it takes”. When “oltremare” reminds me of a friend and though I bring myself to tears every time I listen to it I just can’t stop myself from either listening or remembering and only then I think that: yes, I will meet you beyond that sea so till then my friend. That bad day which gets me thinking “sunny days where have you gone? Why doesn’t it always rain on me?”. When suddenly I feel like “قوم نحرق هاالمدينة و نعمر واحدة أشرف ”. That friend who makes me wonder “I’m fooling myself; you say you love me then you do it again”. The butterflies I get because of that specific someone, that someone who causes me to believe “to be with you is easy; I know you are good for me”. And when I get that urge of wanting to leave everything and everyone and just go somewhere, I simply wish if “أنا بس لو سيارة لبعيد تاخذني”.

Are songs and lyrics only about feelings and emotions? Don’t they provide a good source of advice?! Doesn’t listening to words like “I know that someday soon we’ll all be gone so let it all out. Let it all out today and give me some love. Yeah, give me some love. Come on, give me some love today” make you believe that maybe life it too short to hate, envy, or to be stuck with the wrong crowd!! Isn’t it too short not to show that you care or not to spend it with those you love and love you back!!

What about “Dream on, little dreamer! Follow all your signs. You got to gather up what you need, you need to choose a direction and when the moment is right for you got to go”? Those few words that pass on the message of pursuing your dreams, of being resilient and strong willed to go for what you want!


It’s endless when it comes to music. There will always be that melody, that line, that sensation which invades your soul leaving you in trance.

So simply keep on listening 😉




أنا بس لو سيارة لبعيد تاخذني is Arabic for: if only I was a car, I would have drove myself very far.

قوم نحرق هاالمدينة و نعمر واحدة أشرف is Arabic for: let’s burn this city to the ground and build a more honorable one.






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