Adam’s Peak is the second highest peak in the island of Sri Lanka, it’s also known as Sri Pada which means “Sacred Footprint”. It holds religious importance to the people of Sri Lanka due to the footprint on top of the mountain which is believed to be the footprint of Buddha to Buddhist, Adam to Muslims, Lord Siva to Hindu, and St. Thomas to Portuguese Christians. The mountain is 2243 m high and the summit can be reached after a climb of 5000 to 6000 steps. Adam’s Peak is an important pilgrimage site especially to Buddhist, people usually climb it at night to witness the sunrise and the dawn procession. At the top there is a bell that pilgrims are entitled to ring when they reach the summit, for as many times as they have made it up to the top of the sacred mountain.

I was lucky enough to have had the chance to make the climb myself, it’s not an easy one but definitely not impossible to achieve. Stay tuned for more of my trip to Sri Lanka 😉


“In that yle is a great Mountayne and thei of the Countrey seym, that Adam and Eve wepten upon that Mount a hundred Zeer whan thai weren driven out of Paradys” ~ Sir John Maundeville.


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